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Blog Posts in September, 2013

Change of Status/Extenstion of Status while in the US.

Extension of Status/Change of Status Application – I-539 Authored by: Aneliya M. Angelova, Esq. Questions and Answers: 1. What form do I need to file if I would like to extend my current status ...
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Child Support Modification

Child Support Modification 1. Child support in general Child support is a monetary obligation imposed on the non-custodial parent (NCP). It can be paid directly to the custodial parent (CP) or through ...
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Is my child emancipated? I have received many questions regarding emancipation. Many people believe that a child is automatically emancipated at the age of 18. In New Jersey, age is only one factor ...
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Alimony Modification in NJ

Whether you are receiving alimony or paying alimony, it is important to know that all support obligations in NJ are subject to modification. This guide will provide you with the legal standard (what ...
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Welcome to our Law Blog.

Welcome to the Angelova Law Firm Immigration, Family Law, Business Formation & Contracts Blog.
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