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My title summarizes what I would say about Attorney Angelova! There are words that would immediately come to mind if you heard someone mention her name, like dependable, aggressive, knowledgeable, informative, passionate amongst others!

I was so worried about my case because we had a very serious issue. She maneuvered this case like the PRO she is. We had an interview scheduled and had to be rescheduled due to unavoidable circumstances and she dealt with the issue herself. The rescheduling took a while but she was on top of the local office to get us in there ASAP.

On the day of the interview, we signed in but the IOs forgot about us, she again took charge and questioned about us being forgotten and what was taking so long. As soon as she did this, we were in in less than 5 minutes and out in less than 15 and approved!

If anyone needs a lawyer who will not only help you wit your case but make you feel like you are the only client she has, DO NOT EVEN HESITATE TO HIRE HER!

Moses & Eva, adjustment of status; a stokes interview in Lawrence, MA

I was recommended to hire Ms. Angelova by my friend. I had another lawyer before, but that person wasn't doing enough for my case. When I went for my 1st interview a year ago, I was told that I needed FBI clearance that wasn't done for some reason. They told me that there were no time frame and it would take indefinite amount of time. So I were waiting and waiting... and my previous lawyer wasn't doing anything about it. My case wasn't an easy one, as my husband had a jealous ex-girlfriend who did everything to put him in jail for almost a year. Anyway, just when I started losing my hope, I met Ms. Angelova. I knew she was right for us from the 1st meeting. She reviewed all my paperwork and stayed in touch with me along the whole process. Even she is very busy she always found a time to answer me quickly that is very important when you need some advise fast or just stress relieve. She is confident and positive person, and a real professional. She managed to schedule a 2nd interview for us within the first month. If I didn't hire her, I would still be waiting and worrying.
The 2nd interview was much less stressful thanks to her as she prepared us really well and actively participated in our conversation with immigration officer. We got approved the same day, and I'm very grateful to her.
I strongly recommend Ms. Angelova especially if you got a complicated case like mine. She is a great lawyer and person. I'll definitely use her services in a future.

Jenia & Miguel, complicated AOS case, stokes interview

We can not thank Aneliya enough! Thanks to her my husband received his green card very quickly, less than 3 months. In the meantime, she obtained him a work permit while we were waiting for our big interview, as his visa was expired at the time. While working for us, Aneliya shown us she was passionate about her career, knowledgeable about immigration law, and experienced with the entire process. Her confidence really made us feel confident that we had no reason to worry about a thing. She always took her time with us and was very personable. She helped us fully understand the entire process, and every prediction and estimate she had for our matters were 100% correct on the dot. She is very communicative, she can text call or email ( even outside of standard office hours) , and always responded quickly to our questions. I will recommend her to anyone and everyone!!!!

Eric, Adjustment of status for a same sex couple

Aneliya was a pleasure to work with! My new husband and I recently needed help with all the paperwork in getting his green card. This can be overwhelming and Aneliya was there every step of the way to help and guide us. She made the whole experience a positive one. It was a huge success. I would highly reccommend her! She is very smart and very professional.

Andrea & Atanas, green card

I hired Aneliya because all of my friends recommended her as the most aggressive, energetic and caring immigration lawyer in the area. I had a complicated adjustment of status marriage case. I almost lost hope but my friends encouraged me to schedule an appointment with Aneliya. Although my wife and I had our interview back in February 2013, my I485 was not approved until I hired Aneliya. I hired her on Sept 24, 2014 and my case was approved on Sept 26, 2014.
As soon as I met with her, she reviewed all of my paperwork and scheduled an infopass to check on my case. One day later my case was approved. She called me right away to tell me the wonderful news. I could not believe it because I had been waiting for so long. I am very happy my wife and I hired her.
I will recommend Aneliya to all of my friends because she truly cares for her clients and will do everything possible to help them. She is very passionate about her job. A true professional. Also, although she is very busy, she is always available for her clients. Aneliya, thank you!

Boyan, complicated green card case

Very professional in her job and always will certainly do everything possible to be all the best for her clients.. She is the most desirable attorney in this area. Highly recommended.


I have recently received my green card. if not for Aneliya, i would have to wait for at least three more months. My husband and I had a very easy and not complicated case. Unfortunately, the officer who was handling the interview was completely unprepared, ( as it turned out she was just covering someone's shift). She wanted to study the case for at least 3 more months ( which she should have done earlier). She was very rude, unprofessional and intimidating. She kept asking us why in 8 year of being together with my husband we still didn't have any kids and she could not understand "what do we do with each other without kids or pets". Long story short, in the end of the interview she just kicked us out of the office without any reason and without any answer. I was devastated. We were so fortunate to have taken Aneliya with us. She calmed us down and went to speak to the supervisor (little did we know that the immigration officers have supervisors as well). The supervisor, took over our case, studied it for about 10 minutes and approved me for the green card, apologizing for the behavior of the officer. I received the green card by the end of that week. We are very happy that we have hired Aneliya to be our attorney. She is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and professional. Whenever we had any questions, she was always available and always very helpful. Now she us our #1 choice for an attorney!

Goce & Lyaysan, Adjustment of status after expired K1

Before I found Aneliya my joint petition waiver (I applied for a second Green Card being divorced) was going on and on for over a year without much success. I talked to a lot of other lawyers, but they did not even want to take my case, saying there was no chance for me to get a Green Card. One of them even said I could go pack my stuff and leave. Luckily, my friend advised me to talk to Aneliya.
On the first consultation Aneliya showed herself as a very knowledgeable and experienced lawyer. She developed a detailed plan of action: what exactly documents to get, when to apply; she told me what are our options if we do not get a Green Card at the first interview. She was not creating any illusions. She was very straightforward. I trusted her, and never regretted it. Aneliya was always informed about what was going on with my case, and she kept me informed too. When I had questions, she was easy to reach and quick to respond. Only due to her efforts I got scheduled for the interview in 4 months (without her it would have been a couple of more years).
Aneliya is a true professional, and it was a pleasure working with her.

Galina, complex I-751 Waiver

Anelya is a great person and professional! Very passionate about her work !She is well organized and always on top of everything!
Me and my husband hired her to help us with our case and not only she walked us thru the process but she made sure everything went smooth. She responded to calls and text messages almost immediately and didnt leave any questions unanswered . Her service was excellent and i would definitely recommend her to all my friends ! If you need your case to be resolved be sure to contact her ! Overall it was a great experience working with her ! Anelya is just the best attorney you will ever meet !

Immigration client

Ms. Angelova was hired by me and my spouse to help us out with naturalziation. She showed herself as very efficient, effective and dilligent attorney, who handled our case in a highly professional manner from the very first day. She took it to a personal level and spend as much time as it was necessary to emphasize every singe relevant matter that would have helped us during the process. We got our citizenship very shortly, which was great surprise and in a big part to an excellent work done by Ms.Angelova.

Dr. David Arveladze, MD, MBA

I highly recommend Ms. Angelova to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer. I hired Aneliya about two months ago regarding the removal of conditions on my permanent residence and I must admit it was simply The Best Decision I ever made!
My case was complicated and too complex for me to handle it on my own and I completely trusted Aneliya with that matter. I did have another lawyer before and I did see other immigration lawyers, however I was never so impressed by such an enthusiasm and professionalism as Ms. Angelova displayed.

She was always available and yes, this means a lot, as for me it is very important to be able to get in contact with my lawyer when needed. Aneliya was truly understandable on the best way for us to communicate and get things done. I was always updated on what's going on: deadlines, paperwork, appointments, not to mention the fact that she was always fully prepared and on top of everything!

FAST, yes we reached our goal fast as only after 4 days from the moment she submitted my paper work I got a phone call from her with the most exciting message: APPROVED!!!

I'm extremely happy and grateful for the outcome of Aneliya's work and effort! She is an AMAZING LAWYER and I absolutely recommend her!

Maria, I-751 Removal of Conditions

I hired Ms. Angelova six months ago to help me handle my US citizenship procedure. I had a fairly complicated case. She was very professional from the very beginning of our communication, but at the same time very friendly and always ready to accommodate all my requests. Ms. Angelova made me feel she really cares about my case and was always sympathetic to my situation. She encouraged me to stay positive and was very supportive through my small breakdowns. I really appreciated that she was fully available, even during weekends and holidays and that she regularly checked in with me throughout the process even when there were no case updates. I definitely felt very confident having her guidance preparing for my interview and even more confident having her by my side during the interview. In addition, I really felt her energy, enthusiasm and love for her work. I definitely recommend her if you have any immigration issues, especially because along with her exceptional professionalism, she is young, passionate, energetic and determined. If I have another matter if her area of specialization, I would absolutely hire Ms. Angelova again. Thank you Ms. Angelova!

Lili, complicated naturalization/citizenship

I am really grateful that me and my spouse found Aneliya and hired her as our lawyer. I can confidently say that she is THE BEST! She is a true professional and does her best no matter what circumstances she is in.
We needed a lawyer for a crew member C1D overstayed visa (for those who are unfamiliar, J1 is a piece of cake in comparison to it). We have gone through quite a few lawyers looking for the right one (consulted in NJ, PA, NY and even IL). Most of them did not want to take our case because it was a complicated process. Some of the lawyers said that to win our case was impossible. Many did not want to even bother. When we finally found a lawyer that we liked, he seemed confident and experienced with cases like ours. It looked promising; however, the honeymoon didn't last long. We had to submit our documents several times because, as we found later, our lawyer did something wrong (Nevertheless, he kept sending us invoices for every single phone call and email). I was simply getting depressed and started felling doomed. It was a blessing that we found Aneliya at that moment and went for a second opinion. With her, our packet of documents was completely redone. She wrote an impressive brief and included all applicable references. She provided an unbiased, objective opinion and encouraged us to obtain more and more evidence. We worked as a team with her. Everything we did was taken to the next level. It was not easy, but she was there with us every step of the way with her professional advice and emotional support. Aneliya was always really easy to reach; she answered emails and phone calls within few hours, sometimes minutes. Anelya is a positive and honest person. Her optimism and energy is contagious. Challenges don’t scare her. Some things that seemed huge problems for me, were small bumps on the road for her. Aneliya is very knowledgeable and keeps up to date with the immigration law. Her prices are reasonable and she is very reliable. True hard-worker. As a bonus, she even helped us to stop our previous lawyer from sending us invoices for the job he did not do anyway. In other words, she really TOOK CARE OF US! Unlike many lawyers we have seen, she was not simply after easy money, she cared! Anything you would want from a lawyer, she got it!
Our case was just approved and I am thrilled. We found out about it the same day she did; she did not keep us waiting for the official letter. And I can tell that she was sincerely excited and happy for us. Now I realize that if we continued with our first lawyer or on our own, we would have failed. I referred all our friends to her and will continue to do so. I do not normally write reviews, but Aneliya truly deserves it. Do not have doubts about her, she is simply GREAT!

Svetlana, I-601A Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver

I was really at loss of how to proceed after my incident and everything involved with it. I was very concerned I was going to jail not mentioning losing my green card. But Aneliya was recommended to me and so I looked at several lawyers including her. She is definitely confident and has handled cases like mine. It's been a great experience, she was able to solve my immigration issues and they are even dismissing my record within a year. This is a lawyer I'd recommend to those who are need of any legal advise. She is definitely someone you should have in your corner.

Victoria, immigration issue

I hired Ms. Angelova to represent me in two unrelated cases. One was an immigration case - my change of status application was approved in 21 days! The second case was a contract dispute case. I rented a car from Enterprise. The car was stolen while I was on vacation in Miami. Although I purchased additional insurance, which included theft coverage, the rental company requested that I pay a full price for the car. The rental company even threatened to turn my case to a collection agency.
Ms. Angelova believed in my case and fought hard for me. She never gave up (even when the rental company kept threatening to turn me to a collection agency). She sent a legal memorandum explaining the facts and the law to the rental company. As a result, the car rental company closed the case and I did not have to pay anything. I couldn't be happier with the final outcome. Ms. Angelova worked very hard for me and I am very thankful. She kept me informed on a regular basis via emails and telephone calls. I will make sure to recommend her to all of my friends. She is very down to earth and is always available for her clients. Last but not least, Aneliya has a sense of humor and is fun to work with!

Emil, change of status; contract dispute.

I hired Aneliya for discussing immigration related impacts due to a Shoplifting Charge. She is a very knowledgeable and friendly attorney. She explained me in detail about how this can impact my immigration status and also discussed about various outcomes of the case. She has very good knowledge on Immigration as well as Criminal laws.

She is always reachable and answers all questions with lot of patience. She is a stress buster. :)

I will totally recommend her.

A.A., an Immigration client

I am beyond grateful to Ms Aneliya M. Angelova for everything she did more & beyond her duties as a professional lawyer to handle my immigration case- "She is a truly a Godsend! The minute I spoke to Aneliya Angelova over the phone in regards to my case, I knew I had found an expert in the immigration field and that I was in great hands!. Not only she is extremely knowledgeable, amanzingly
professional & dedicated lawyer, but to a point, she actually CARES about you on a personal level! . I was constantly kept on top of my status by Aneliya and her ability to clearly and accurately explain to me each step of the process was hugely helpful. She represented me and my case with complete professionalism. Another point about her, she responds and follows up immediatelly with you no matter the time in the day or night you reach out to her, and she makes you feel so “at ease” and confident. I highly recommend Aneliya Angelova; she will be my lawyer forever!!!- I couldn’t be happier w/the results of my case was a success & with her level of professionalism! Eternally Grateful, Karina V.

Karina, V., Immigration Client

I hired Ms.Angelova in December 2013 to handle my immigration case.
In my opinion she is a great lawyer who is very knowledgeable and has very good communication skills . She explained me all the details on my case and made me feel very calm and optimistic.
Bottom line is that my change of status petition was approved and I will receive my Permanent Resident Card in a few days.

She helped me a lot and if I need legal services again I will not hesitate to hire her again.
I recommended Aneliya to many of my friends. They did the right decision to hire her.
One big THANK YOU from me and my wife you are the best!!

N.Nikolov, Adjustment of Status

Two words - ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND! Aneliya worked on my post marital case. I had an experience working with other lawyers before and it was always stressful and I could never get in touch with them when I needed to.
Ms. Angelova very patiently provided me with the information on my case, explain details and possible outcomes, answered all my question. Regardless of her busy schedule, she always found time to respond to my every single email, and phone call in a very short time. She is very knowledgeable, organized, risk taker, patient, genuinely cares for her clients and understands their needs and requests. Great communication. She is a very nice person to deal with. Best experience I have had so far. Will definitely refer others to her firm.
Needless to say, my court day ended successfully.

Eva, post-divorce motion to enforce a Property Settlement Agreement

"THE BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE WAS CHOOSING ANN FOR MY PRENUP! Aneliya is someone who gets right to the bottom line-she is direct and fair. Her way of communicating worked very well for me-first, she explained what was happening and answered any questions I had about the process; then, she offered advice and helped me weigh the pros and cons of every decision. Once a decision was made, she stuck with it and worked to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks. In addition to her legal expertise and ability to communicate clearly and efficiently, Ann understood the emotional and psychological factors that came into play. It was obvious to me that she had taken time to calculate these factors and that her advice and treatment of the issues that arose was a function of this understanding. The fact that she tailored her decision making to my unique situation put my mind at ease and helped me to trust her and the process in a way that I would not have otherwise been able to do. She was always on top of the issues and kept me abreast of all new information. Her combination of legal expertise, understanding of the underlying issues and ability to stay focused even when things got complicated and messy allow her to stand out as a prenup lawyer and professional. CHOOSE ANN AND YOU WONT REGRET IT!"

S. Latif, Prenuptial Agreement

My husband and I had a complicated family court issue involving child support and emancipation. Miss Angelova was wonderful and helped us right away. She is very knowledgeable, professional and her fees are affordable. She took everything hands-on and resolved the issue in our favor. We will recommend her to all of our friends!

Silviya Delcheva-Barreda, Child support & emancipation issue

"I was so lucky I got Aneliya as my counselor. She is one of the good ones: she KNOWS what she's talking about, and she will tell you the things as they are (the good, the bad and the ugly) but she's on your side completely and will take care of you until the end but, most importantly, she will care about you. She's one of those rare combinations of legal kowledge with a real human side to it. She is fair, honest and caring. I'm really glad I met her because I coudn't have gotten a better lawyer. Thanks Aneliya!!"

Eli Zavala, F1 visa/ B2 Visa issue

I recommend Ms. Angelova with all my heart! She worked on an immigration case with me and helped me sort out all the issues I had with USCIS. They did not want to work with me at all before she got involved. With her professional help, we were able to sort things out and now I am on my way to becoming a US citizen. She handles all legal matters extremely well and knows immigration law like the palm of her hand! I do not think that there is a more knowledgeable lawyer around! At the same time, she is very kind and beautiful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

H.P., Immigration (Citizenship)

I called lawyer Aneliya for consultation on a delicate case pertaining to OPT and AoS. From the moment I talked to her, I can tell that she is a person who not only cares about her clients, but also has a lot of experience with immigration situations. My case was delicate in the sense that I was getting close to deportation due to OPT denial because of my school. Aneliya helped me understand what my options are and what needs to be done in the time being.

While it is true that any lawyer can do that. I personally think what separated Aneliya from any other lawyer I talked to was that she was her self an immigrant before and that she was caring and promptly responsive. I felt comfortable talking to her and she did not hold back any information for the hope of "payment". Aneliya certainly made me feel like she cared about my situation and asked me to update her and let her know of what happens EVEN after the consultation was over. This is the kind of thing you will not have from any other money-loving lawyer especially in the USA. Aneliya went as far as reviewing the case of the submitted motion to reconsider by another lawyer that my company hired.
Aneliya gave me the clear cut of what is going to happen in my case and she went as far as telling me whether it would be worth it to hire a lawyer to begin with or not. I can almost GUARANTEE you that you will not hear another lawyer telling you "I do not think you really need hire me or any other lawyer for this case, save your money !"
Knowledge wise, everytime I had a question for Aneliya (and believe me there were many questions!) Aneliya not only had a prompt response, but also a specific case that has already happened pertaining to a similar situation or even exact situation with the outcomes and circumstances.
I would certainly hire Aneliya especially if you were a student with not many options or lost on what to do. She will definitely give you better advise than any other lawyer would. But what she offers more than other lawyers is the true sympathy and caring that no other lawyer will provide you with.
My case is still pending, but thanks to Aneliya I know what I need to do and I can sleep at night knowing how to react if something happens

Ahmed Abuzant, F1 visa, Deportation, Adjustment of status, OPT issues

I want to thank Aneliya Angelova Esq. for all the help and support she provided me with. She has the knowledge to explain everything in details and give you the best advice. Mrs. Angelova has always made the right decisions in all cases I had. Anytime I need her she is always there to respond immediately. Her right actions and positive attitude are her trade mark!! THANK YOU MRS ANELIYA ANGELOVA ESQ.!!!

Svetlomir Muzdrakov, Immigration client

"She is very responsive, trust worthy, knowledgeable, and her rate is very reasonable. It was awesome to find out what I need to do in order to keep my status legally in the states and get a green card. She informed me and gave me options to do things. On top of it, she gave which option would work best for me. She was the one I needed. By the way, I came to this country on f1 visa and now I am on my opt.


Sophie, Immigration client (F1, OPT, Green card)

I had problems with my landlord. I was very frustrated and worried I would have to pay for a broken door (Sandy). Aneliya wrote a letter to the landlord and because of that letter, he decided not to pursue any damages for the broken door. She loves her clients and is always ready to help them no matter what the issue is. Also, she always answered my calls and questions in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend her. She loves the law and is always on top of all new laws.

Iva Spassova, Landlord-tenant issue

There are two categories of people - those with lots of free time and the others who have found what to do with it. I am constantly running out of time as anyone on a mission, I am changing the way the World is using water and rely on exceptional people. I consult professionals and Aneliya is one of them. She formed my LLC (Unique Automation) and is currently drafting contracts and more. I have an army of Patent Attorneys and other “rigid” legal professionals and it is by far more rewording working with someone as fluid and she is. One with enthusiasm equals an army of knowers and this is manifested in a professional engagement with Aneliya. She may be a new kid on the block, but boy she will be big! Don’t take my word – take her services and you will be part of this with piece of mind worth paying for

Fredy V - entrepreneur and inventor, London, UK, Business formation