Do I need an Immigration Lawyer?


Do I need an Immigration Lawyer?

By: Aneliya Angelova, Esq.

Immigration is a complicated and fast changing area of the law. The most important question is whether an individual is eligible for a specific immigration benefit. Eligibility for an immigrant or non-immigrant status depends on specific requirements or criteria listed in the immigration statute. It is important to have a lawyer evaluate whether you satisfy the requirements for the particular immigration benefit you are seeking.

Although USCIS has provided instructions for most forms and applications, these instructions are very basic and do not always include the statutory requirements for the immigration benefit in question. Moreover, these instructions cannot substitute a lawyer's evaluation of your particular facts and circumstances and how the law applies to your situation. Please remember that immigration law is not just filing forms. It is much more complicated than that. These are my top 15 reasons for when/why applicants should hire an immigration lawyer:

  1. You were detained by ICE.
  2. You are in removal/deportation proceedings.
  3. You are not sure whether you qualify for a certain immigration benefit (including immigrant or non-immigrant visa).
  4. You are confused as to how to approach your immigration situation or how to answer a question in your petition/or application
  5. You application or petition was denied.
  6. You have received a Notice of Intent to Deny.
  7. You have been scheduled for a stokes interview (for adjustment of status applicants).
  8. The processing of your application/or petition has been delayed beyond the current processing timeframes posted at
  9. You would like to appeal an unfavorable decision.
  10. You expect problems with the adjudication of your application.
  11. You have a criminal background.
  12. You have been removed/deported.
  13. You entered the United States without inspection.
  14. You would like to return/abandon your US permanent residency (green card).
  15. You are scheduled to appear in Immigration Court.

Disclaimer: These are NOT the only reasons or situations when you should consider hiring an immigration lawyer. Please note that the information provided in this blog post is for informational purposes only and shall NOT be construed as legal advice. If you need legal advice, please schedule a consultation with a lawyer.

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